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Blockchain Projects
With Social Impact

Connecting and amplifying blockchain projects that are trying
to make a positive social and environmental impact

A collective using Blockchain

Blockchain4Good is a collective of for profit businesses that are using blockchain technology to combat some of the most pressing social, financial and environmental  challenges. The projects signed up to the collective believe doing good can be good business. Each project is focused on optimising for profit, people and planet. As a collective we are blockchain agnostic and welcome projects and community members from any protocol.

Bringing projects together

Members of the collective are looking to use blockchain technology to optimise for at least one of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The collective is technology agnostic and hopes to bring together projects from different smart contract protocols to help increase exposure and facilitate collaboration.

The Latest News From The Blockchain4Good Collective

Immunify.Life launches groundbreaking HIV study in Kenya

Immunify.Life launches groundbreaking HIV study in Kenya

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-funding  healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain. Its primary use and mission is to use the latest in blockchain technology to improve the health and well being of those in need .The system will  empower individuals to...

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The First Blockchain4Good AMA

The First Blockchain4Good AMA

On the 27th of May 2022, we publically kicked off the Blockchain4Good collective during our community AMA. During the event, our five founding projects were able to introduce themselves and outline the social impact they are looking to make with their project. From...

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Empowa’s Project Catalyst Report Back

Empowa’s Project Catalyst Report Back

Empowa's Catalyst Fund 5 proposal was successfully funded on the 9th of August 2021. 5 months later they had taken the $60 000 in funding and built not 1 but 4 certified eco-homes, developed and sold over 1 000 NFTs and grown their community to over 7 000 followers....

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Enabling better collaborations

Fostering collaboration is a core objective of the collective and we are excited to highlight our
first success in this regard.

Connecting the Beira Mozambique community through affordable homes and internet connectivity

Two of our founding projects namely Empowa, a Cardano based RealFi project who is focused on offering affordable housing in Africa, have partnered with World Mobile, a project focused on providing affordable internet connectivity to the unconnected, to explore including affordable internet in the next development in Beira Mozambique. Their first joint project is set to roll out from May.

We look forward to reporting back on further examples of collaboration between our members.

“We look forward to reporting back on further examples of collaboration between our members.”

Join the collective!

If your blockchain project would like to become a member please click here to apply. Please note, at this point in time, we are only accepting  applications from for profit blockchain projects and not from stake pools.